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Value Added Tax on Cash Flow (VATCF)
Discussion document a.k.a. Tax on Net Cash Flow

VAT on Cash Flow

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Date Added: April 2005
Requirements: Microsoft Word (or similar)



This discussion document suggests scrapping existing expensive and complicated tax legislation and suggest a much more efficient, cheap and modern way to collect taxes based on basic accounting theories and the capabilities of modern software technology.

The document describes an existing Value Added tax system en then applies it to a cash flow model, using the assumption that all business transactions eventually result in a cash flow, positive or negative.  It also suggest a more effective method of collecting taxes using financial institutions rather than the public having to submit tax returns annually.

In addition, the document also suggest ways that the economy can be stimulated or policed using dynamic tax rates adjusted hourly, daily, or monthly based on real time information on cash flows in different industries and across borders in different currencies.

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